All businesses enter into a wide variety of contracts. Some are what seem to be simple one-page agreements and others may have hundreds of pages and related addenda. You may be purchasing only one service or product, but you are still required to enter into a Master Service Agreement that describes multiple additional services and products you are not buying. You are told not to worry about the provisions that don't apply to the product or service you are contracting for... but you don't even know which sections don't apply. If you later want one of those additional services or product you cant renegotiate the Master Agreement. Too late.


Contracts may also include provisions referring you to multiple websites with additional terms and conditions that they may change at any time without notice to you. We can review these agreements, simplify the legalese and help you analyze the pros and cons for your business, also assisting in negotiating terms more beneficial to you and in accordance with your actual needs.

CORBUS LAW can review and help you negotiate your vendor agreements and commercial contracts. We can also draft or review other commercial contracts as well as consulting agreements, employment agreements, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements, and indemnification and hold harmless agreements.

Before you sign your next contract, contact us to make sure that what you have been told is what is actually in "black and white."