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Acting as strategic advisor to our clients, we work swiftly and effectively  to help implement the right solutions and assist in resolving legal issues with an eye towards the future. We understand our client’s current business operations, past history, and future goals, and we provide efficient, thoughtful, and innovative solutions to our clients.


For some clients we may function as their only legal counsel, providing periodic critical advice on day-to-day issues or intensive support for a particular corporate priority.  For other clients, we may work with existing in-house legal departments or outside counsel, on specific areas of the law or as part of a larger project or team.


CORBUS LAW offers its clients the ability to remain agile with our  fixed fee approach which ensures legal support at a fraction of the cost of building a permanent in-house legal team or engaging other law firms. You have the power to budget your monthly spending on legal needs and we offer comfortable payment methods.

Trusted Support

As a trusted partner to the managment team we can help drive critical decisions, assist in the development and implementation of standardized polices, processes and procedures, provide legal support to business units and your procurement function by drafting, reviewing and negotiating vendor agreements, and drafting, maintaining and revising your standard contracts and templates.


You no longer need to find an attorney completely unfamiliar with your company, to perform a cursory review of the terms and conditions on a contract. Unless that attorney knows your company, your services and products, what risks are actually acceptable to your business, you will not receive the legal advice that applies to your company and your circumstances. What terms are perfectly acceptable to another company might not be so to yours.

If you are re-negotiating your loan, line or credit, or business lease, we are there for you.

Our ongoing relationship provides us with an understanding of your business that will expedite and facilitate the review and analysis of legal issues you may face.

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